Project Description


The Mother-and-Child Pass meeting is an excellent opportunity for you and your partner to make the first contact with a midwife.

Since 2014, this free midwife consultation is offered as part of the service in the Mother-and-Child Pass. Every pregnant woman has the right to an hour-long consultation with the midwife, at some time between the 18th and 22nd week of the pregnancy.

The object of this consultation is to provide information, and to answer your questions concerning the coming events. We will discuss the pregnancy, the birth process, bonding with your newborn child, breast-feeding and so on.

We also discuss topics such as healthy diet, exercise, sport, and also where and how you would like to give birth.

For this advisory session, there is a fee of 50€.

If you have an Austrian insurance, you forward the invoice to your health insurer, and you should receive a complete refund.